With Spring right around the corner, it’s critical that your online retail store begins clearing its winter shelves to make way for the Spring 2014 fashion trends. So what’s next this season? Let’s take a quick glimpse at online clothing retailers like Zara and Forever 21 to get a feel for what’s in and out.

Prints and patterns galore!

Forever 21 is already in line with the trend as they’re featuring a slew of unique prints and patterns on their landing page. Geometrics, graphic, floral, tribal: you name it and some form of those prints and patterns walked the runway last year. If there was one statement made by fashion designers in 2013, it was that print is in for spring. Many patterns like stripes and spots have faded since Spring 2013, and the designers have replaced them for more eclectic designs. Mixing these two are even popular choices for designers, retailers and would-be customers.

Keep it mixed up with materials.

Sport mesh is one of the most popular looks for customers with its vast variety of roles in Spring 2014 fashion design. These looks are being done in vibrant colors with contrasting trim, laser cuts and sporty shapes. Pieced and paneled is an important design detail with mixed fabrics – with leather being a continued trend for Spring, with capped leather shoulders of a blouse with a jersey knit center. Many of the fashion trends available at Zara are not only a remastered version of Spring 2013, but they’ve been reinvented to be lighter and more refined compared to previous seasons.

Color, color, and more color!

White is the key neutral for 2014, with black and white emerging from fall 2013 at all levels from designers across the globe. The look expands into both graphic and color blocking patterns to make a bold fashion statement this Spring. Pastels are very popular as neon collars take a back seat to colors like “pink salmon” and “placid blue.” Orange became the standout color for FW Spring/Summer 2014, with the New York Daily News even stating, “orange is the new black” in a recent article. These colors can go from fierce to feminine while conveniently offering customers and storeowners a wide variety.

By adding just a few new pieces from the prints and patterns listed above, you can completely reinvent your stores collection and keep up with the trends for Spring!

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