Demi Lovato's Casual Style on facebook

There is nothing that matches the class of simplicity. Simple attire creates a powerful impression if done in a right way. Simple look is always in trend and never goes off the fashion. No matter where you are, no matter what you are doing; the universal style statement is simplicity. Providing options for simple yet classy outfits would really be helpful for them and for the business.

Demi Lovato is a girl with bundle of confidence. She carries the simple look with such grace that it surely would make all girls around her feel jealous. Her looks, hairstyle and her sweet smile definitely adds the value to her over all look. Wearing a simple tee, jacket and a pair of jeans, she rules the street fashion too. Pairing up the outfit with black simple glasses have actually made things even better.

Demi Lovato’s casual style on facebookDemi Lovato’s style has expanded from modest and shy teen to punk-rock diva in just a span of a few years! She changes her hair color as much as her underwear (no seriously, she’s admitted it in interviews). Her look it’s both dark, and edgy. Lucky, her street style is not only easy to duplicate but affordable too.

She regularly makes use of accessories in outfits by adding statement necklaces, trendy glasses, and hats to her everyday look. Currently one her “Neon Lights” tour, she (recently changing her hair again from bright blue to a fuchsia) she snapped a selfie wearing rocking a bold red lip, side braid, delicate necklace, and black D.A.R.E t-shirt.

Demi Lovato’s casual style on facebookHer street style is very consistent when it comes to the use of the spikes and the color black. One of her favorite repeat look includes a spike shoulder leather jacket - which can be replicated with a faux leather jacket at ⅓ the price. Layer that over a graphic tee, pleather pant, heels, and rocker-style sunglasses and you’ve channeled your inner Lovato!

To replicate her hair - color chalking is a great way to go. It’s not only been around for seasons, but it’s a great way to temporarily add color to your locks without the risk of damage of dying. Plus, not everyone can afford Demi’s salon budget. You can buy coloring chalk for hair online for under $20. Go from pink to green to blue in a single day! Demi Lovato’s casual style on facebook

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