Elle Fanning's Casual Style on facebook

Elle Fanning's casual style on facebook Elle Fanning is one of the most popular names when you get into a discussion about classy street girl look. Every look that she is seen in becomes a style statement and hence the trend to be followed in young girls. Be it her dresses, footwear, hand-bags you name it and it represents a class in itself. A lot of designers and stylists take her looks as an inspiration and work towards creating a range that displays her street style along with maintaining the needed class in an affordable price range.

Elle Fanning's casual style on facebook The right picture truly exhibits the simple street look of Elle Fanning showing her style statement. The main attraction of this look of her is the sneakers she is wearing. The tinted silver color and a pretty do in the front makes it different from the usual sneakers.

That’s her style which mainly focuses on keeping it simple and easily adaptable. While the roughly done hair, simple tee and back pack makes her look like a girl next door, the goggles and the simple chain necklace at the same time adds that classy element to her simple college going girl look and makes her stand apart in the crowd. Elle Fanning's casual style on facebook

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