Emma Roberts is one name which is very popular when it comes to street styling. With her perfect body shape she looks great in everything that she puts on no matter how elegant of casual the dress is. Her street style would usually include simple and well fitted jeans, a casual top roughly done hair. It is very easy to adapt her style and that too without spending a lot of your money. You would rarely see her flaunt her body on her casual days unlike any other celebrity.

Emma Roberts is one celebrity who does least experimentation with her looks. She likes to keep it simple every time and not become too made up. She mixes all her looks with stylish bags and goggles. That can particularly be called her style statement for casual day outs. Booties, jeans, flats and sweaters rule her wardrobe and give her that easy go lucky look. She takes help of funky shoes and bags in order to add that spice to her simple girly look.

Emma Roberts Emma Roberts has turned into a young (and famous) actress in her own right. With that “Roberts” smile she’s become a popular style influence amongst young trend chasing females.

To best way to learn about her style, is to hear directly from here. Thankfully, Emma Roberts was recently in interviewed by Seventeen Magazine where she was asked her thoughts on her personal style, she stated “I think I’m pretty casual, jeans and a t-shirt kind of girl, but I do, I love heels. I’m obsessed with heels.”

Emma Roberts It’s easy to create Ms. Roberts street style look with t-shirt, and jeans but why stop there? She regularly pairs a simple t-shirt pant or short, stilettos or platform heels. She’s also well known in the fashion magazines to be dawning a very vast amount of statement bags – from Chanel, to Miu Miu she spares no expense to get her hands on the latest bag (messenger or tote). Fashionistas can save big just by shopping regular retail; saving thousands of dollars by getting a similar but more realistically affordable bag to rock for the season.

Roberts has always been known for wearing cat-eye, aviator style sunglasses, and floppy hats. When living in a sunny (and hot) place like LA it’s necessary for ladies to protect their face and eye from sun damage, when it comes to skin cancer is not worth the risk as 90% of skin cancer is causes by sun exposure. It’s best to take inspiration from Emma and cover up, in style of course. So, do you love her casual-chic look?

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