Do you want that your customers to shop the trend you offer? Then try to offer something which is closer to their hearts. Yeah! I’m talking about celebrities. Celebrities usually go through their everyday tasks, by carrying street style which surely fascinates your customers. Certain stars mostly manage to look marvelous by just being simple, or and real.

Everyone wants to be original and real. They want to wear something that expresses them truly. Street Style is a notion which speaks for a person. Certain celebrities like Jessica Alba, Emma Stone, Miranda Kerr, Beyoncé, Blake lively and Rihanna themselves with purity and elegancy.

Jessica Alba being the street style queen has successfully managed her image of bearing impressive outfits even after being a full time mom, throughout 2013. She shows great interest in denim. She loves to wear outstanding accessories like every other woman. Whatever she wears feels so inspirational as well as accessible.
Hottest and modest together in blue! Mirranda Kerr looked stunning in a 70’ style frock walking on the streets of NY recently- surely she possesses something “super” in her personality.

Emma stone carves out her inspirational personality by expressing her willingness to experiment. It seems that she loves to play with bold colors. Stunning look enhances her casual yet stylish image in public when she wears trench coats; black heals and white black outfits.

Another fashion icon of street style is Rosie Huntington-Whiteley. She loves to wear something different and unique. Rosie shows her daring attitude by wearing hat with a sleek black jacket tucked over with white blouse, cropped pants, and a bag along with cotton-raffia. Her whole look seems just complete with cozy leather pumps.

Beyoncé is THE fashion diva. She loves to walk with her dog while dressing up in cozy faux fur coat and gorgeous heels. She truly looks effortlessly flawless in her ensemble. But no one can easily ignore her 1920s wave styled pixie hair.

Are your priority customers obsessed with Blake Lively trendy style? If yes, then you have the opportunity to add customer value by offering real life fashion outfits. Blake Lively is a symbol of effortless, feminine, practical, yet elegant style. It is awesome to look a perfect blend of NYC city style with posh girl next door chic.
Nowadays street style is the way to ‘speak’ about yourself. Be the one to let people speak truly!!!

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