Miley Cyrus' Casual Style on facebook

From Hannah Montana to her many public stunts Miley Cyrus has gotten her name into the mouths of all the world for one reason or another. Her Disney channel years have come and gone along with her sweet girl style. Today, 21-year-old Miley has become known for other things such as her tongue and racy attire and actions on stage. It’s easy to wonder what Miley wears off stage; her street style is something more of a laid-back grunge look.

Miley Cyrus She loves to mix feminine and masculine pieces such as the picture below (left). Her snapback and short sleeve turtleneck is a casual but sexy look. The second picture (right) also shows how she plays with gender clothing. The snapback makes a return and is paired with a Bulls tank jersey, shorts and heels. It is a unique combination that she no doubt pulls off well. It’s easy to steal her style, shorts and snapbacks are two pieces seen on her numerous times.

Miley Cyrus For her popular edge grunge look the photo below is Miley sporting a basic tee and denim shorts paired with a long camouflage military jacket and platform boots.

Miley Cyrus The pictures to the right also exhibit Miley’s  grunge look. Military, black, platform boots and baggy tops are the go-to pieces to create your own version. Its easy to be just like Miley, when it comes to style that is. She often adds heels in combination with shorts and cropped tops or baggy tees. Her accessories include snapbacks, large sunglasses, oversized coats and sweaters. Tall heels and thigh high boots complete her sexy, laid back and grunge style.

Miley Cyrus

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