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Miranda Cosgrove is best known for her Nickelodeon role as Carly from iCarly. She has grown up since the show, which ended in 2012 and developed during and after the show. Miranda’s style has evolved along with her during the years. Now 20 years old she is thriving in the actress world and her style is flourishing as well.

So what is Miranda’s style? Well she has a great mix of all types of looks, but no matter what, she always looks sophisticated and chic. Her street style is laid back; in the picture below (left) she flawlessly mixes two patterns. The flowing floral circle skirt with the casual tee is an effortless look and easy to copy. The ankle boots add edge to this otherwise eclectic look.

Miranda Cosgrove This is a complete opposite of what she sports during photo shoots. She often is found wearing racy and sexy apparel during her shoots. She effortlessly can wear either style. Miranda Cosgrove

If you are not yet convinced Miranda’s style is one of the easiest to copy and yet so trendy and chic there are more great styles to explore. Below (left) Miranda sports a cute and casual denim and tee look. The ankle boots are an edgy addition but non-the-less perfect. Miranda also layers well. During her trip to Paris she never sacrificed style. She creates a warm and trendy look with a long puff coat and cozy beanie complete with black leggings and combat boots.

Miranda has no set style, which makes her the ideal fashion idol. Her style is easy to copy and always flawless. If you are ever in need for a style icon Miranda is a perfect one.

Miranda Cosgrove Miranda Cosgrove

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