Some relate it to what’s popular and some call it a reflection of one’s character but none can negate the importance of being fashionable in today’s lifestyle. Tags like ethnic, tom boyish, casual are what we add as adjectives while talking about people. So everything about you as a person boils down to how updated you are with today’s fashion, if only you don’t want to be called “outdated”.
And it changes every day. What was in yesterday is out today and wardrobes need a makeover every now and then. Trust us when we say this, it’s a sheer competitive world out there, even when it comes to day to day wearing. The following sections have evolved enormously and this is where they have reached.

For Women: Women, have always been the style lovers that too of wide variety. The old is often back in their wardrobe but they like to fusion the styles of east and west. Ethnic cotton tops with jeans and fine texture dupattas is the prototype look for a particular lot. Then there are the bold dressers who aren’t shy to flaunt their skin. For them, well fitted skirts and flowing tops are in choice for all season. Ironically the majority here has got an eye for a lot of non girly casuals like linen trousers and shirts, denim jackets and shirts with checks and patterns. But of course, jeans and trousers are picked by the most. It’s almost impossible to jot down all the variety in women clothing present in today’s market at one place and every segment has surviving demand

For Women: There is a wide range here to look at. Foot wares for women have gained iconic value over comfort with time. The gender is divided between the brand buyers and the local made range when it comes to buying shoes in a very cliché way. Then again pattern fragmentation here is over flats and heels to scandals and bellies. Boots for sure are the one for all when it comes to winters, of knee length to roll downs. There is a huge market demand for string scandals, ballerinas and tangy flower slippers. Foot wears for women have seen a recent trend of being accessorized with stones, Swarovski art work and cloth print matching to the dress. Apart from revised patterns, the color tone is more inclined towards stronger shades like red, blue, orange to the mild classics. No doubt the footwear in today’s scenario has become an important part of the wardrobe.
For Women: Jewelry only in gold is an old school thought now. Apparently it’s no more about the purity but the look and young designs that the women are looking for. Swarovski is the most moderately priced and stylish segment in the market. American diamonds because who wants to invest so much in the real stones if one can still have diamonds and many at the cost for one real one. That’s the new approach of women of this era, moreover because they want to match and wear different pieces with different clothing rather sticking to one traditional piece. Junky jewelry, mostly metallic with abstract designs is on the rise. There are jewelry for hair, shoes, clutches and even stick on studs for denims in the trend. Yet old is somewhere still in form of waistbands, anklets, toe rings and armlets. Wearing jewelry for women is all about accessorizing their look.

The ironical flip in the fashion industry apart from its evolving nature is that the wearables have moved from being gender specific to unisex in looks and fit. The latest overall trend is more on verge of experimenting with the new and the different which might define one’s own dressing style.

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